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Methylated peptides

Methylated peptides

Methylated peptides
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With the advancement of technology, Scipeptide can modify multiple methyl sites in a  polypeptide, even up to 8.

Such as CGGP-R*-GGPP-R*-GG-R*-PPVG-R*-GGG-R*-GGA- GGG-R*amide (R*= monomethylarginine)

After optimization of synthesis conditions when incorporating Methylamino acids as well as consecutive amino acids, we successfully prepared peptides containing as many as 8 Methylation sites with the building block approach.

Methylated Amino acids

Arg(Me),Arg(Me2) -Symetrical,Arg(Me2) -Asymetrical

Lys(Me2), Lys(Me), Lys(Me3)

Tyr(Me), Thr(Me), Ser(Me)

N-Me Ala, N-Me-Arg,  N-Me-Asp, N-Me-Gly, N-Me-Glu , N-Me-Ile,  N-Me Leu,  N-Me-Met,N-Me Phe, N-Me Ser, N-Me Val


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