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large T Peptide | EVNMKNFILQYL

large T Peptide | EVNMKNFILQYL
    • Catalog Number: KD11369
    • Product large T Peptide : EVNMKNFILQYL
    • Size: 2mg or more
    • Availability: Purity > 95% by HPLC
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large T Peptide : EVNMKNFILQYL-Physiochemical properties

Sequence interpretation
Single letter code:NH2- EVNMKNFILQ YL -COOH
Triple letter code:NH2- Glu - Val - Asn - Met - Lys - Asn - Phe - Ile - Leu - Gln - Tyr - Leu -COOH
Physiochemical properties
Net charge vs pH
Number of residues: 12   
Titration curve charge vs pH
Molecular weight: 1511.79 g/mol.
Extinction coefficient: 1280 M-1cm-1.
Iso-electric point: pH 6.79.
Net charge at pH 7: 0.
Estimated solubility: Poor water solubility.

How to use  large T Peptide : EVNMKNFILQYL

Format: Each vial contains 2 mg of lyophilized solid packaged under an inert gas and supplied as a trifluoroacetate salt.

Storage: Store at -20°C. large T Peptide : EVNMKNFILQYL is hygroscopic and must be protected from light.  large T Peptide : EVNMKNFILQYL is guaranteed one year from the date of shipment. 

Solubility:Distilled water for a solution up to 2 mg/ml, otherwise we recommend using acetonitrile.large T Peptide : EVNMKNFILQYL is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

large T Peptide : EVNMKNFILQYL Background

Alternate Names: large T Peptide(409-420) : EVNMKNFILQYL

1. A8Y984 (LT_POVSM)  
Large T antigen OS=Squirrel monkey polyomavirus GN=large T PE=3 SV=1 
Length=655 align

 Score = 44.8 bits (98),  Expect = 4e-04
 Identities = 12/12 (100%), Positives = 12/12 (100%), Gaps = 0/12 (0%)

Query  1    EVNMKNFILQYL  12
Sbjct  409  EVNMKNFILQYL  420


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