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Custom PNA synthesis

Custom PNA synthesis

Custom PNA synthesis
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Custom PNA Synthesis

Nowadays,many researchers carry out the work of nucleic acid binding reaction. The application of peptide nucleic acid in biology is becoming more and more common,especially in the control of gene expression and DNA diagnosis,PNA presents more satisfactory features. Peptide nucleic acid build peptide framework with N-(2-amino ethyl)-glycine,replacing sugar phosphate structure in nucleic acid. Then different basic groups(purine and pyrimidine)are linked to the peptide framework by Methylene carbonyl,forming achiral and uncharged structure to ensure the chemical stability to resist hydrolysis reaction.The advantage of peptide nucleic acid:The peptide nucleic acid can identify both DNA and RNA sequence correctly. it show better characteristics in thermolability and resistance to ion after combination. As the framework of PNA is man-made rather than natural one,it won't be degraded by nuclease,protease,PH as well as high temperature. All these features make it possible  to put PNA in wider usage. 

Shanghai Science peptide Biological Co.Ltd provide Custom PNA synthesis service

Synthetic range:2umol-0.1molar.


modification available:Biotin/FITC (c terminal).

Links availablelinks

between PNAS:PNA-Linker-PNA,PNA-Linker-PNA-Linker-PNA.Link between PNA and peptide:PNA-Peptide.

Proposals for sequence design in Custom PNA Synthesis

1,length:between 12 and 17 basic groups are most suitable(not including conjugate,amino acid and tag) .

2,the quantity of purine:limit to 60%,4G avoided or six basic groups in the same line. 

3,The number of AAS:30 AAS at most .

4,self-folding, palindrome, hairpin and the overlap of reversal are avoided.

PNA(Peptide nucleic acid)dissolution

In the acid condition PNA is easy to dissolve,the buffer solution of PH<6 is highly recommended. The solubility can be smaller when PH is bigger. The common concentration in kinds of experiments is 0.05-10μΜ.Common steps for dissolution:The concentration is limited between 10 to 50%(v/v),first take vortex oscillation,then use pipette back and forth to extract the visible polymer. Some oligomer can precipitate as a result of self-polymerization. So we advise to heat to 50℃ for ten minutes to help dissolve. For high-purine sequence(&gt; 50%)500μΜ,first heat to 65℃ to ensure the minimization of oligomers,then add the concentration of 50% NMP to complete dissolution.

PNA(Peptide nucleic acid) storage

Please keep PNA in sealed container with desiccant away from light below 20℃,storage in neutral buffer solution is not recommended.

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