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Custom peptide synthesis

Custom peptide synthesis

Custom peptide synthesis
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As a China leader in custom peptide synthesis, Scipeptide has delivered tens of thousands custom peptides since its inception in 2004 .  Our valuable customers choose us to have access to high quality research grade peptides at reasonable prices in a very short turnaround time. We are professional Peptide synthesis company & Peptide synthesis supplier, and our factory provides quality Custom Peptide synthesis.

Custom Peptide Synthesis services available
1.Flexible quantities: From mg to 10g
2.Flexible purities: from crude, desalted to 70%, 75%, 80%,85%, 90%, 95%,98%,99%
3.Modifications:hundreds of Peptide modifications to meet your need
4.Quality control: approved COA, HPLC and MS reports are available for free, including information regarding to the purity, molecular weight and weight of the peptide.(NMR,IR,UVS, elemental analysis, check of moisture content, the analysis of amino acid are available if necessary.)
5.Delivery:Reliable and rush carrier service can be expected from Fedex and DHL.
6.Support: technical consulting is available permanently; personal and expert customer service can be provided.
7.Secrecy:We keep the customers’ information and needs confidential completely.

Why to choose Scipeptide of Custom Peptide Synthesis
1.Equipped with strict QA/QC management system in peptide synthesis, Scipeptide has become the best peptide supplier.
2.Possess the capacity of synthesis insulin, special modification like CMK,FMK,which are regarded as great challenges in the field.
3.The success rate of custom peptide synthesis can reach 98.6%, which is higher than other competitors.

Please fill in the peptide sequence, any modification needed, the quantity, purity and your contact details, then Submit to us. 

we will reply to you within 24 hours

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